3 Ways to Diversify Your Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

For the last 20 years, Charlie Meek has led creative and brand marketing …


Sourcing candidates has always been a challenge, but today’s unique hiring trends have made the process even more demanding. In order to embrace diversity within your candidate sourcing strategy, recruiters must take an active role in building the company’s employer brand, managing relationships with former candidates, and welcoming AI-sourcing into the recruitment process.

Employer branding

To rise above the competition, organizational leaders first need to establish a compelling employer brand. Every organization has a reputation as an employer, yet many companies fail to actively manage how they’re perceived within the job marketplace.

When marketing your company to attract potential talent, start with these three key elements.

  1. Culture - The values, systems, beliefs and purposes that sustain the organization’s internal environment.
  2. Employee advocacy - Displays of loyalty, happiness and passion from current employees.
  3. Brand consistency - Wherever job seekers encounter the brand, its message, tone and style should be coherent.

Candidate rediscovery

In addition to building an employer brand that people trust, recruiters can leverage candidate rediscovery practices to fill positions with people who have already interacted with the organization.

In many instances, a candidate is disqualified for a position due to a lack of a specific skill or insufficient experience, not because he or she is a poor worker. Though candidates may not be right for one position, they may well qualify for another at a later date.

A modern applicant tracking system (ATS), like JazzHR for example, allows you to store candidates in Great Future Hire dispositions. Through robust search technology, you can leverage your existing talent pool by finding the right individual or group of applicants within your candidate pipeline.

AI and Job boards

While there may be hundreds of unique ways to get the attention of job seekers, one thing remains the same. Recruiters can’t attract great candidates without the help of job boards.

Luckily, automation softwares like JazzHR help recruiters face today’s complicated hiring landscape by partnering with major job boards. With just one click, your job is syndicated to over 21 free and paid job boards and social media platforms at no additional cost. Take for example, the latest addition to JazzHR’s ecosystem of free and paid job boards. Initially launched as a niche job board in 2001, is evolving the traditional recruitment model by combining artificial intelligence with the blockchain to bring the best job seekers and great companies together. The first-of-its-kind AI-powered platform, coupled with JazzHR’s ATS, allows employers to reach more qualified candidates and fill unique or challenging positions, faster.


Sourcing candidates in a crowded marketplace isn’t likely to get easier. But with the right strategies and tools, companies can overcome these widespread challenges and rise above their competitors. We highlighted a few ways to get started, including creating an emotional connection with your brand, pulling from a pool of candidates that didn’t make the cut the first time around, and utilizing AI-sourcing platforms.